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Pentagon CCTV Gate Security Video Camera 9/11

The fireball was shown pushing between the tower and the Pentagon wall.
The pictures here show that there were 2 trees and a fire truck in the way of that fireball.
The fireball would have to have been hundereds of feet long to even reach the tower.
There were no "burn" marks on the face of the tower closest to the explosion.
The fire truck which was in the way, seemed to be operating well and moving around the yard.

fire truck pentagon burning 9/11

This explosion seems to be well above the roof of the Pentagon, and reaching out,
away from the Pentagon hundereds of feet.
Is the shadow above fully representative of the dimensions of the tower below?
What is the shadow at the bottom right of the tower? I do not see anything that would cause this in the picture below.
It must have been something substantial to shadow such a large fireball, which seemed to alsmost consume the tower.

I tried to keep the same relative size of the tower for both pictures, above and below.

pentagon security video sept 11
Notice the tree in the background, looking between the tower and the Pentagon wall,
though burned, it still seems to have several small branches and some leaves.

pentagon attack photo 9/11

Here is a slighly different angle, though the tower house is in the same proprtions, and the tree in the foreground near the tower, seems to be full of leaves.

heliport tower pentagon explosion photo

Here we can see how long the "unscorched" tower is.

Below shows, not one, but two trees the explosion had to vaporize the leaves off of within a hundreth of a second for the fireball to be able to be seen on the other side of the tower.

pentagon 0911 01

Though the resolution is not great here, it looks like the leaves are still on the trees in this picture.

pentagon september 11

These two pictures seems to show where the fire truck originally was.
Though the fire truck below seems damaged, it was seen wandering around the yard several times.
In both photos, the grass and the tower seem to be unscorched by the fireball.
In both pics, the tree seems as though it would still be an impediment to the light from the fireball.

tom horan from riverhouse pentagon september 11
photo by: Tom Horan (from the riverhouse)

I have an additional comment about the picture above.
The impact area, is just behind and to the left of the generator, which looks here like a black square.
There seems to be debris to the RIGHT of the generator, which has "fallen: off of the wall, as though the wall had collapsed, though, this isnt the area which the wall DID colapse???

Note also above the white tarp that is between the generator and the white contractor trailors. This tarp isn't seen on any other pictures that i have. This must have been before the wall collapsed. If it was, what is the debris which looks like it has fallen from the wall?

pentagon september 11

Note above that the tree was being put out well after the explosion.

Note the distance between the tower and the imapact damage.
Also see how the grass is green and unscorched by the fireball.

pentagon lawn 911 2001

pentagon SWF 9/11

Below shows the angle of the CCTV camera, and where the tower was in relation to the fireball.satellite view
fireball pentagon satellite september 11

Comparisons of different pics of the CCTV frames taken from the gate video.
pentagon video cctv cam
CCTV gate pentagon security video

fake pentagon camera september 11
mirror fake pentagon camera sept 11
Taken from a video at CNN website.

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